Erin Cartwright Weinstein Announces Run For Re-Election

Gurnee – Today, Lake County Circuit Court Clerk Erin Cartwright Weinstein announced her candidacy for re-election and issued the following statement:

“Over the past eight years, it has been my honor to serve as your Circuit Court Clerk. My career as an attorney prepared me for the office. I understand the needs of lawyers, the judiciary, and the public.

Immediately upon first being sworn in, I pursued a strategy of modernizing the office and making the overdue changes that Lake County residents and the legal community need and deserve. We now have a fully digitized records process. An online case management system and Artificial Intelligence efficiencies will be fully implemented this fall. Access to Justice has been a priority in the office, and these technical advances are bringing that goal to fruition.

I also secured the first union contract for the staff of the Clerk’s office. Women make up 90% of the office’s workforce and we have raised the pay to a more equitable standard. Morale in the office has never been better, and I am blessed to work with such amazing people every day.

Last year, my office was $1.2 million dollars under our projected budget. We have worked hard to implement efficiencies that encourage and reinforce fiscal responsibility. There is much more to come.

I deeply appreciate the confidence voters have shown in me over the years as well as the numerous elected officials who have endorsed my candidacy for re-election. I look forward to continued service to you and will honor your support with hard work and results.”

Endorsements (in formation)

Lake County Treasurer Holly Kim

Lake County Sheriff John Idleburg

Lake County Board Member Carissa Casbon

Lake County Board Member Diane Hewitt

Lake County Board Member Esiah Campos

State Representative Daniel Didech

State Representative Rita Mayfield

State Representative Joyce Mason

10th State Central Committeeman Thomas Maillard

Highland Park City Councilwoman Yumi Ross

City of North Chicago Treasurer Vance Wyatt

Waukegan City Clerk Janet Kilkelly

College of Lake County Trustee Allena Barbato

College of Lake County Trustee Amanda Howland

10th District Democrats Chair Bonnie Neel

Indivisible Western Lake County Chair Esther Hebbard

Antioch Township Democrats Chair Susan Moore

Fremont Township Democrats Chair Matt Lowry

Grant Township Democrats Chair Joe Bongiovanni

Lake Villa Township Democrats Chair Kasia Kondracki

Newport Township Democrats Chair Kathie Hayden

Vernon Township Democrats Chair Sheila Sebor

Warren Township Democrats Chair Jim Neel

Warren Township Democrats Vice-Chair Quenton Galvin